We are passionate about flowers and creating stunning floral arrangements for our customers around cairns.  We are one of the biggest wholesalers in far north Queensland with our focus on high quality frest flowers.

The Story of Michael Tesselaar Flowers

CAIRNS, Australia

My Story began in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I was born into the famous Tesselaar flower family. My Opa and Oma ( Grandfather & Grandmother ) came from Holland

in 1939 and began flower growing. I was born onto a flower farm and large family and I loved it ! 

As a young boy I roamed the farm, learning what i could, getting involved when allowed. In my teens, I found that I loved the excitement of the markets, buying and selling of flowers. This passion has continued, sending me across the Australia and the world, in search of different flowers, accessories and new ideas within the flower trade.  We supply Florists, Supermarkets,  and have an open door to the public who wish to come , smell, see and buy from a real world range of flowers in our Coolrooms, located right here in Cairns.

I look forward to meeting and sharing with you my world and life of flowers - Michael Tesselaar

Photo above is Michael, working in the Coolroom



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