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Full-service supermarkets

We offer a all-around service within the supermarket segment. We produce reads-to-sell products that can be composed according to the customers’ requests. from small and simple to the large and complex. 

Supermarkets are becoming very important destination for flowers in the world due to the short way from flower growers to the supermarket where they are easily accessible for the customers. High customer flow in supermarkets guarantee the constantly fresh product on the shelf.

We are open:

Call us:

Mon - Thr                8 am - 1 pm

Fri                8 am - 3 pm

 Sat    8:00 am - 12 lunch

Sun                          Closed

Call Skype:

07 4053 5000

We are here:

U2/ 110 Scott St Bungalow,

QLD, Australia

We deliver in Cairns and North Queesland

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